CANCELLED! Russell Brand Messiah Complex World Tour

Russell Brand has been forced to cancel his show in Tallinn, at Nokia Concert Hall on February 21 due to personal reasons. For more information on tickets refund please visit Ticketpro and Piletilevi websites and

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You can buy tickets to Nokia Concert Hall events from:

  • Ticketpro ticket centre at Solaris Centre
  • Ticketpro self-service desk at Solaris Centre
  • Ticketpro e-store
  • box offices of Eesti Kontsert across Estonia
  • certain Eesti Posti offices
  • Piletilevi
  • Statoil petrol stations across Estonia

The list of ticket sales points!


  • In the concert hall, the 1st and 2nd row of the dress circle and the 1st row of the upper circle are of limited visibility. The edges are equipped with guardrails!
  • Visitors must present a valid ticket upon entrance to Nokia Concert Hall, except for in cases the organiser has set other terms and conditions.
  • Tickets purchased online from Piletimaailm must be exchanged for ones with security features at the sales points of Piletimaailm. A printed out ticket is not valid for entrance, since it has no bar code. NB! If printing out the ticket is not possible, please remember the data of the selected event. By presenting the data along with your ID, you can obtain the ticket from the sales point.
  • Visitors with special needs (in a wheelchair) are kindly asked to send an e-mail to, so we can make sure you will have a proper seat available.


Tallinna Kontserdimaja AS

+372 61 55 111